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Zinopolis Zinfandel ~ 2010 ~ $7.99 ~ 86 pts

ImageA city of wine; specifically, I suppose, Zinfandel…I would not be opposed to that. I bought this wine for two reasons: 1) because it was originally like $20, and for $8 it was a steal or the wine was on its way to vinegar-dom…I took the chance, and 2) for the name. When I read the label it instilled the question, What do wines aspire to be? One could say that the winemaker wants his or her wine, whatever the variety, to the best of that wine ever made. But I don’t think that’s the case. Most of the winemakers I’ve come across simply want to make good wine with some distinctive character about it. Making the world’s best wine is like making the world’s best coffee or best tasting water…it may be there for an instant, but in a blink it will change. Wine is ever evolving, both in and out of the bottle.

So with that, I asked, what is Zinopolis aspiring to be? From the name it sounded like it wants to be the big wine city, like New York City or Chicago. Something big, where everyone will get something out of it (or be annoyed by its traffic and just stay away). Or, it wants to be a representative of all Zinfandels…but I quickly thought that this was too akin to the “best wine on Earth” thought, so dismissed it. All I concluded was that this wine wanted to be recognized for something…just what that is, well…I guess I had to find out!

The wine is fairly similar to most Zins I’ve had…raspberry, vanilla-oak with a touch of pepper. Very mild and drinkable with pretty much any dish and very fine all by its lonesome. It’s not spectacular…that is to say, there’s nothing really unique about Zinopolis, other than its broad stroke of hitting a decent Zin. In other words, if I wanted a good Zinfandel, no special sparks and nothing over the top or weak, just a good balance, I would go back to this in a heartbeat. It’s a bit strong on the alcohol taste, but the fruity, peppery vanilla overcome this well.

So what does this wine aspire to be? Well, I suppose it aspires to be a good Zinfandel. Not the best of its kind, but certainly a good representative. If you’re new to Zins or want something mild and drinkable, try this guy out.

As listed on its website, I bought this one at Kroger but you can see where else to buy it from. I’m guessing Zinopolis’ other wines are pretty darn good, too: