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Tisdale Merlot (Year ?) ~ 65 points ~ $4.95

So it’s been a crazy past few months as I have been finishing up my master’s in theology at Notre Dame. But now I’m back on track, and of course I re-enter wine tasting commentary with a really awful, horrendous wine. I mean, it’s not undrinkable, as if I didn’t finish the bottle in two days. But, there’s really nothing about it that’s unique, and the taste is a bit like mixing cheap vodka and fruit juice. Some people are into jungle juice. I’m not one of them, especially when it comes to wine.

But let’s shift gears and talk a little bit about Tisdale Winery. And, well, that’s the problem. The only thing I know about Tisdale is that they are located in Modesto (the wine circuit). So this probably means they are one of hundreds of vineyards with a not so interesting history. Maybe that’s why they don’t list their history on their website.

Shifting back to the wine, it’s also unclear when this wine was made. The year of bottling or making or anything is missing from the bottle, and even from the website. I just emailed them to see if they can tell me what year the merlot I just drank was, but I thought it was pretty common practice to list this openly. Maybe they don’t know when the wine was made? Or maybe they forgot? Maybe they’re drinking too much? In any case, this is quite disappointing.

As for the taste, yes it tastes like black cherry and mixed berries…if you blended them up, poured CVS rubbing alcohol on them, and served them in a bowl. OK maybe that’s not fair. I did not pour the wine out, after all. But I did cringe a few times when drinking it. Now, should I expect anything more for $5? Not really. But Two Buck Chuck is $2 and is amazing.

Would I recommend this wine? Because it’s cheap yes, only if you don’t care what it tastes like and just want some wine to have around for yourself. I would not recommend this for any sort of social gathering, though, as it can be interpreted as offensive. So be warned. I give this a 65. Ouch.