Instant Wine Cellar Auction for the Center for the Homeless

I have done a fairly decent job I think in separating my work from my hobby (i.e. wine), however this is a situation where my worlds are colliding!

For all inquiring minds, I work for a non-profit organization, Center for the Homeless, in South Bend, Indiana. Without getting into too many details of my own personal work, the Center houses approximately 200 men, women and children who are indeed homeless and require assistance in becoming self-sufficient. Such a task is not easy, for the people who are homeless as well as for the people and agencies that help them. For that very reason the Center is hosting an event, the Dancing with our Stars Miracle Auction. Information on this event can be taken from our website,

“On April 24, Michiana’s most benevolent men and women will stroll down a Hollywood-style red carpet to attend the Dancing with Our Stars Miracle Auction. Based on the hit TV show “Dancing with the Stars,” the hype for this year’s Miracle Auction is gaining momentum!

In addition to a silent and live premier auction, this exciting event will include a ballroom dancing competition with 10 of Michiana’s most prominent individuals. Each paired with a professional dancer, competing for audience votes.

In the weeks leading up to the event, supporters can also buy votes online where they can even start bidding on the extraordinary auction packages.

Charitable donations to this event will be used to support the demand for services at the Center for the Homeless.”

The relevance to this wine blog is that we are auctioning off packages which include wine. We are asking people to donate their favorite, go-to wine to this very special and integral event, as doing so will help us meet the needs of our guests more effectively. If you would like to donate your favorite bottle, please leave a comment here on my blog or visit

Thank you so much for your support!


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