Glatzer Grüner Veltliner Kabinett 2006 ~ $15.99 ~ Rating: 88

grv_kab_grA new wine variety for Wine Stopper! That’s right, folks, I’m expanding my repertoire. This week I tried going for some white action and getting a Grüner Veltliner. Apparently Glatzer makes two kinds of GV, Kabinett and Dornenvogel. I got the Kabinett, which, as described by Glatzer, is An elegant classic Veltliner: peppery and spicy with lively fruit flavors.” I don’t know what makes other wines not “elegant classics,” but I think it refers to the wine’s acquired taste. The aroma of GV is quite potent, very much like the smell of cutting open an unripe fruit at its surface. It’s bitter smelling but with a fresh, flowery lacing.

Tasting the GV is an entirely different experience, with grapefruit, green pepper and spice as the primary flavors. It’s quite extraordinary, actually, in that the tartness of it melds well with the bitter-sweetness. What’s equally 350x350_grapefruit6surprising is that while one would think a wine with fruit and vegetable flavors would be light and tangy, for a white it’s fairly heavy on the tongue. Swilling the GV in a glass, the wine almost looks like cough syrup as it slowly runs down the glass back down to the pool of origin. I know that may be an unpleasant image for some of you, but you could probably relate if you tasted this as well.

As for some Glatzer history, the vineyard is in Austria. I really don’t have much time to expand into a deeper, well-thought out description of the company’s upbringing, but I do have to warn you of one thing about this wine: it’s a screw cap *gasp!* I know! Even after my little tirade about keeping the cork tradition (Screw cap or cork?) I break lines and go with the cap. So, consider yourselves warned!

Good food pairings would include poultry, fish or tangy, peppery cheese. Try it, you’ll like it 🙂


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