Wine Tasting Activities


What’s better than tasting wine by your lonesome? Tasting wine with a group of people just as keen of the fermented grape as you are! Holding a wine party is a great way of bringing people together, networking, or just hanging out with your closest friends. If you’re one of those all-controlling Martha Stewart types (dives to the ground as a black-suited man with a quite nicely embroidered “M” on his vest fires a lemon-ball gun), you may like to be the all-knowing host/hostess, perhaps introducing each wine before the tasting commences. This could be a bit…I dunno, pompous? It could be fun depending on the group. If you were the queen and having a wine party, the queen being the hostess would be appropriate I guess.cgan1196l

But, I think a more group-oriented party would be more fun, and here’s why. For starters, if everyone brought a bottle or two of wine, the diversity in tastes and palates would be amazing. And, if you’re the hosting house and still insist on providing the food, the diversity would be such that, more than likely, there would not be any horrible food-wine pairings. Secondly, when people chip in and bring the main attraction of the party (i.e. wine), the cost on you the host is significantly less. Given our current economy, that’s always a plus. Sure you want to host, but you don’t want to break the bank while doing it. So, creative and cost-friendly – what’s not to like?


world-of-warcraft-aNo matter your game of choice, a glass or two of wine always makes gaming a more enjoyable experience. Whether you are a Texas Hold ‘Em aficionado or a World of Warcraft badass pwning all those n00bs, wine will help you relax and enjoy the better things in life (200 DPS btches!).

Now, whether your buddies will mock you for sipping your favorite Cab while they’re chugging down good ol’ PBR or Yuengling is another issue entirely. But, how about Scrabble? Rumi? Checkers? Chess? All great under the influence of wine. And, since gaming usually requires at least two players, you can compare tasting notes while bludgeoning the other in the face with your kickass knight of doom – no one can escape the L!!!


While coffee is usually my beverage of choice while writing and blogging, wine would definitely be a welcome alternative. Indeed, I wrote my best work in college a little under the influence. Of course then I didn’t drink wine but usually a shot of something and the words just flowed like honey from the comb. Now, having a half glass of Pinot Grig or Shiraz would be quite nice while working on a paper or blog. Watch out for errors, though, since even though the words may come quickly they may not be structured or splled the best! (heh, I made a funny).

Movie Night

If only the movie theater would sell wine. I enjoy a good Diet Coke with my movie as much as the next guy, but wine just adds something to the movie experience. Now, having a deep, dark Merlot while watching Saw 3 may not be the best idea in the world. Mmmm, irony goodness. Wine with popcorn, though? Heck to the double yes! Don’t even get me started on snack pairings with wine…


This is kind of a no-brainer, but more often than not people enjoy wine while eating something. Cheese, dinner, snacks, etc. In fact, most bottles of wine come with appropriate pairings on the back to better enjoy the wine enclosed. I, for one, would like to see exotic food pairings listed, though. How would you feel about a wine that read, “Good with ostrich, bull testicles and fruit bat.” Now THAT would be a wine!!


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