Ecco Domani Chianti 2006 ~ $9.99 ~ Rating:84

chianti-bottleWhat the…another wine that Nate the roomie picked? Well stomp my grapes and call me Cab. I let this one breath for a while before actually tasting and reviewing it, and it seems that the flavors are pretty well accentuated. The nose is fairly old earth, smelling of very tart fruit, dirt and just a bit of manure. That’s right, I said poo. In wine. Kind of crazy I know, but we’ll explore the role of poo in wine tasting in just a bit. The taste is red fruit and pepper with mild tannins. The tannins tickle the back of the mouth and are a bit short. For a Chianti, I expected this. You don’t necessarily want to be hit over the head by Tannin the Lion when drinking a Chianti due to its soft fruit and earthiness that make it a universal food pairing.

Now, more about poo. When you drink quite a bit of wine, you notice some of the more subtler tastes. Perhaps we can say there are primary tastes, like red fruit and spice, and secondary tastes like earth and manure. To enjoy a wine, one doesn’t need to know what it tastes like, and perhaps for some it’s better not to associate what they’re drinking with poo. But, for those of us who want a rounder image of what’s swirling in our mouth, and to give some essence or meaning to a wine that makes it distinct from others, pinpointing the various tastes of wine is important. When I say, then, that a wine has poo undertones I’m pinpointing a taste or an imaginary taste that helps me appreciate the wine more. Giving a wine a poo association is not an insult! Well, I guess it could be if it wasn’t supposed to have manure undertones…

Ecco Domani is owned by Italian winemaker Fabrizio Gatto, a progressive who has won the hearts of many American casual wine lovers. The grapes for tuscany-italyGatto’s wines come from various regions in Italy depending on the wine. His Chianti, for example, comes from the famed Tuscany region. Mr. Gatto is married with four children (sorry ladies and gents!), and has been a wine connoisseur since he was an early teen.

For $10 or so, this Chianti is quite pleasant and isn’t bad for a table wine. Food pairings include chicken, hamburger, pizza, pasta, or light cheese.


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